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(1). Adopts 4pcs high-quality brush on the glass surface cleaning pay the host are installed with high and low feet you can adjust the height.
(2). Four absorbent sponge to ensure the first drying of glass.
(3). The main engine is equipped with a high pressure fan an electric heating box two times of drying for the finished glass and a heating device is installed on the air knife to ensure the drying effect in winter.
(4). The utility model is characterized in that the water tank is used for cleaning the inner container and the air knife is made of stainless steel.
(5). Electrical parts by Schneider Delixi brand.
(6). Adjustable speed motor drive glass using copper core.
(7). Distribution 2pcs 1500mm universal wheel frame.
(8). The control panel is equipped with 10 multipoint control knobs emergency stop indicator light safe operation.
Product Pictures:

Model HT-WX1200C
Thickness of washing glass 3-12mm
Max width of washing glass 1600mm
Mini width of washing glass 300mm
Working speed 1-4m/min
Bench height 800mm
Power 8.5kw
Voltage 380v/220v
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 2500*1600*1100(mm)
Weight 0.6t



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