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Product Introduction:

Rotary high-pressure spray cleaning machine is mainly used for large metal parts especially cast iron machining degreasing except for debris cleaning. Is the use of high-pressure water pump to spray the surface of the workpiece the adhesion of the surface of the oil iron scraping off the cleaning method to complete the cleaning work. Spray nozzle cleaning does not move supporting the workpiece workpiece stage horizontal rotation so as to achieve the purpose of a comprehensive cleaning. When the cleaning operation the operator only needs to hoist the product to be cleaned onto the cleaning tray presses the start button to perform the shower cleaning and manually picks up the workpiece after cleaning.

Technical parameters:

Model HT-PXJ1
Voltage 380 V/50 Hz
Power 8.5 kW
Heating rod power 6 kW
Working Pressure 3.0 – 6 bar
Flow 3 - 5 m3/h
Load weight 2000 kg
Duty cycle 70%
The maximum working temperature 70oC
Dimension mm 1800*1800*1700
Cleaning basket diameter 1600 mm
Maximum washable height 700mm
Maximum capacity 200 L
noise  70 dB (A)



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