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(1).Water-saving 1.5-2.5L per minute water consumption saving up to 90%.
(2).Car-caring: Washing car with 60℃ water strong detergency no need to use chemical cleaning fluid not to hurt the paint.
(3).Innovations: Secondary steam- water mixing technology achieve powerful momentum with less water.
(4).Multi-functions: A car- washing and steam engine combo with a multifunction of car washing engine washing mats dry cleaning and indoor cleaning.
(5).Safety: with quadruple safety protections.
(6).Intelligent: The functions of the machine are all intelligent convenient for operation.
(7).Durable: brand New design durable and reliable and less maintenance.

Product Pictures:

Model HT-JNX4100 HT-JNX6100
Voltage 220v 380v
Power 4100W 6100w
Water consumption 1.5-2.5L/min(for two guns) 1.5-2.5L/min(for two guns)
Steam pressure 5.9bar 5.9bar
Steam temperature <110℃ <110℃
Water tank 57L 57L
Effective capacity of the steam pot 4.2L 4.2L
Length of the tubing 10*2 m 10*2 m
Net weight  75kg 75kg
Dimension 900*460*800mm 900*460*800mm
Feature  two guns for two users two guns for two users



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