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Ultrasonic Tire cleaning machine by ultrasonic generator will be higher than the 20KH frequency of the shock signal power amplification by vibration through clear medium acoustic radiation. The cleaning liquid molecules vibrate and produce numerous tiny bubbles in an instant and high pressure blasting surface generated thousands of atmospheres and the cavitation effect. Attached to the dirt automatic peeling off the surface. Not only replace the traditional manual brushing, but also makes the workpiece to be cleaned by cleaning the full range of 360 degrees, which is the traditional manual brushing cleaning effect can not be achieved, and does not damage the surface of the workpiece. With the cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, no damage to the object, reduce labor intensity and cost saving advantages etc.   

Machine Photos:

Model HT-38GDF
Tank Dimension(mm) 500*400*400
Material Stainless steel
Ultrasonic frequency 28KHZ
Heater Power 3KW
Working time 0-99min adjustable



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