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The machine is used for artificial turf brushing. It can make the sand falling down to the grass roots then make the grass stand the end and up.It equipped with a straight speed-down motor(or HONDA gasoline motor): sprocket wheel drives brush turn. The operator can easily pull the machine to brush sand forward .This machine is plate welding structure. It is compact and easy to operate. It is a ideal machine to brush artificial grass sands.
1 This machine is suitable for combing the grass of the artificial lawn
2 The main driving mechanism adopts an aluminum alloy worm speed reducer which is featured as low weight compact structure and good driving efficiency
3 The cylinder air brusher is made of several independent pieces conveniently dismantled or replaced.
4 The front wheel is installed with an elevated screws which are facilitated to the adjustment of the ground clearance of the hair brusher.

Model HT-1.5D  HT-1.5E
Working   width 1500mm 1500mm
Cleaning  capability 4500 sq.m./h 4500 sq.m./h
Power 5.5kw 3kw
Weight 260kg 260kg
Dimension 1500*1800*1000mm 1500*1800*1000mm



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