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Factory Direct Sale New Timber Straw Grasping Wheel Loaders
1.Machine introduction:

Factory Direct Sale New Timber / Wood / Straw Grasping Wheel Loaders can be used to collect wheat straw, corn stalk, grass and other crops straw for recycling and utilizing. Especially suitable for papermaking industry, biological power generation and cotton, sugar cane transport, storage, loading and unloading of stacking purposes.

Widely used on crops straw timber and so on
Streamlined design, beautiful outlook.
CVT, flexible operation light.
Full hydraulic steering, flexible operation 
low-pressure wide-based tires, powerful operating ability.
Optional clamping machine, grasping machine multi-purpose configuration, can also be customized according to customer requirements unloading loader, hopper size can be customized, you can customize a variety of engines.

Type  HT-Z26
Bucket capacity 0.4m3
Rated Loading Weight 1000kg
Machine quality  1780 kg
Engine calibration power 18.5kw
Unloading height ≥2300 mm
Tread 1350 mm
Ground clearance gearbox 300 mm
Unloading distance ≥600 mm
engine model CG25
Turning radius ≤3000 mm
Wheelbase 2150 mm
Overall dimensions 4150*13500*2350 mm



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