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Microwave Vacuum Dryer is mainly used to dehydrate and dry agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials, heat-sensitive wood . For chemical products of low temperature concentration, crystallization water removal from dry, enzymes, etc. Vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine; Suitable for scientific research institutions laboratory.

It has obvious advantages in extend the shelf life of food, preserved food's original flavor and nutritional ingredients, keep the physiological activity of raw materials, the functional health food, improve the added value of agricultural and sideline products and so on. On the one hand,it can effectively keep the material shape, colour and lustre, nutritional composition and aroma is unchanged, and these features, for health care products production is particularly important;On the other hand,it can greatly save energy.
Under the condition of vacuum, low evaporation temperature of the water, realized the low temperature drying, intact to keep the processing material is original color, aroma, taste and nutrition, avoid the active ingredient of the oxidation in the material, products after good water; Microwaves penetrate to material internal, slewing system driver material do rotary motion, make the material is heated more evenly, dry faster, its running cost is much lower than freeze-drying and infrared drying, saving energy and reducing consumption, health, environmental protection; Make full use of microwave heating material inside and outside temperature difference is small, both the advantage of the characteristics of the vacuum drying, and solves the heat conduction problems in a vacuum, greatly improving the drying efficiency and product quality. According to data shows, at home and abroad to material heating by microwave equipment, its speed and efficiency is 4 ~ 20 times as high as that of the conventional heating method.

Machine Photos:

Model  HT-WZ4
Dewaterability 4kg/h
microwave power range: 4kw , with adjustable microwave device
Total Output Power of Machine 6kw
Voltage 380V±5%, 50hz
Dimension 1200*1000*1500mm
Cavity Size Φ600*800mm
Microwave Frequency 2450MHZ±50HZ
Vacuum pressure 0.08-0.1Mpa
temperature Can be adjusted according to clients requirement
Tray At least 4 hanging-basket trays
Magnetron 4  TOSHIBA



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