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This Peanut butter production line has high efficiency that can save a lot of labor and time.Peanut butter production line is an automatic independent production equipment to produce peanut butter.This production line can be applied to peanut butter,sesame butter,almond butter and so on.

Machine Photos:

No Machines Power Dimension
1 Roaster 23.6kw 2900x1500x175mm
2 Cooling belt 4.5kw 6000x1250x1600mm
3 Peeler 0.74kw 1100x350x1200mm
4 Conveyor belt 0.75kw 6000*700*1000mm
5 Elevator 0.75kw 1000*500*3400mm
6 Feeding machine 0.55kw 1100*1100*2400mm
7 Butter machine 11kw 800*300*800mm
8 Table / 1000x1000x500mm
9 Tank / 100L
10 Pump 1.5kw 1000*300*350mm
11 Mix tank 1.5kw 200L
12 Vacuum tank 3kw 200L
13 Pump 1.5kw 1000*300*350mm
14 Store tank 1.1kw 200L
15 Control Cabinet / /
16 Pipe / /

We also have other capacity for 200kg/h, 300kg/h and so on.



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