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Nut Cleaning machine is applied to wash potatoes, cassavas, sweet potatoes and etc. Rotary washer is the washing section machine in starch processing line and  it adopts the principle of countercurrent to clean out mud, sand and small stones effectively.
1.Compact design, big capacity, energy and water saving.
2.Damage rate is lower than 1% to ensure the high starch extraction rate.
3.Easy to installation and maintainance.
4.Fine quality, simple structure, easy operation, small size, small occupied area, low labor cost and energy consumption.
5.The main part of this machine is made of the special processed durable material which ensures the continuous production and it is very wear-resistant.
6.Not only applicable to  sweet potatoes, but also grape,  pineapple  fiber  more fruit juice extracted,  it has very  good  dewatering  effect,  known  as the  most  affordable universal presser. Change machine frame, transmission system,  feed  section, spiral  juicing,  shield, through  feed screw conveyor,  pitch and the  chan- ge of the diameter of axle etc,this  machine can reach dehydration thoroughly!

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1.The rotary walnut cleaning machine is mainly used in the production of starch, potato flour to wash the raw material.
2.The washer works according to the principle of countercurrent washing. The material flows from the inlet to the outlet along the twisted bar while the water in the rinse bath flows in the converse direction. Such movement can eliminate the sand and mud effectively.

Model HT-QXJ100
Voltage 220V/380V
Power(W) 1.5kw
Weight 100kg
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension(L*W*H) 2500*800*1600mm
Capacity 300kg/h
Color Silver
Function Washing Sterilizing



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