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The machine adopts the combination of screw filling and electronic weighing feedback measurement computer control with automatic quantitative automatic filling automatic correction error counting cleaning and other functions. Suitable for compound condiments (such as spicy fresh) natural spices (thirteen incense) food additives flavors and fragrances flour milk powder protein powder solid drinks sugar monosodium glutamate pesticides veterinary drugs detergent Feed additives chemicals new building materials such as powder (powder ultrafine powder) powder mixture of quantitative packaging materials quantitative filling.
1.Applicable to all kinds of bottles cans bags of quantitative filling
2.Photoelectric induction cutting but also optional foot switch cutting
3.Feedback that the indexing value is adjustable to meet the needs of a variety of precision
4.Filling motor speed adjustable to meet the requirements of various materials
5.All stainless steel material with the feeder can achieve automatic material level control  

Model HT-50F
Dosage filling 1-5000g
Capacity 1200-3500bags/h
Voltage 380V 50HZ
Power 900W
Dimension 690*1060*1900mm
Accuracy level 1.0 grade



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