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Multi-function twin twist wheel vibration toothpick weighing automatic filling machine is specially designed for long toothpick weighing automatic filling the development of new products to improve and test it after a long time with double rotary vibration feeding. Taper weighing hopper weighing. Different taper mold discharging. Evenly fast charging the infrared induction automatic feeding filling more effectively promote accurate quantitative filling.
1. The machine use  the microcomputer intelligent control make the packing more accurate rapid automated packaging process.
2. Related parts are all made of stainless steel material of the item not contaminated items.
3. Double damping structure the machine run smoothly low noise.
4. Small size light in weight
5. Minimal power save energy
6. Oblique feeding don't squeeze the damage material especially suitable for brittle material packing.

Model HT-YQB50
Voltage 220v±10% 50HZ
Power 2*50w
Packing weight 3-50g
Dimension 68*40*115CM
Weight 50KG
Repackaging precision 0-0.3g
Packing speed 10 - 30 cans/min
Scope of application As a general rule, be bottled toothpick filling



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