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Introduction of Automatic Scourer Packing and sealing Machine:
Packing and sealing machine is mainly used for plastic blister and paper card heat sealing package, the use of pulsed heat principle (36V voltage bakelite mold fever) according to the workpiece size (heat area) to choose different current output and power time, and then cooling pressure Complete the heat seal. Packaging products transparent and beautiful, fast packaging. Mainly applicable: packaging amateur toys. Stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics. Small tools and so on.

Model  HT-QJ2030
Power Supply 220-240v 50/60HZ
Power 3.0kw
Ma* sealing size 500*700mm
Working station 2working station
Productivity 18moulds/min
Machine Size 1220*1440*1450mm
Net weight 150kg



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