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The saw blade can be tilted not only to cut the right angle but also to cut the 0-45°. It is used for solid wood furniture soft bag and other manufacturers.

1.The aluminum alloy material can be stretched the space is enlarged the data is more accurate and the material saving time and labor are saved.
2.The positioning accuracy is higher the friction force is smaller the driving is smoother the material stability is better and the rust proof is more durable.
3.The large saw blade is responsible for opening the plate and the small saw blade is responsible for marking effectively preventing the edge of the saw blade from being torn apart.
Product Pictures:

Model HT-TJ45
Spindle speed 4000-6000r/min
Main saw blade diameter 250-300mm
Blade diameter 120mm
Maximum processing thickness 65mm(45°)  95mm(90°)
length of cut 2800mm
cutting width 1250mm
Power 4kw  380V
Dimension 1850*3150*900mm
Weight 450kg



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