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1.The primer sander is mainly suitable for solid wood flooring panel furniture composite plank solid wood doors and windows handicrafts antique floor paint and sanding finish.
2.The machine tool adopts the lifting structure of the upper body frame and the working table is constant relative to the ground height. When the thickness of the workpiece changes the body rises and falls.
3.The front sand roller is used to sanding the plate and the rear sand light roller makes fine sand. It has high precision does not nibble the head does not sweep the tail does not cover the side thus gets the better effect. It is especially suitable for the production line. It is a necessary equipment for the high grade sheet production line.

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4.Lower sand machine line use one feed up and down two sides can be sanded at the same time high efficiency saving manpower. Mainly used for: panel furniture solid wood doors calcium silicate board decorative plate fibreboard and other flat board thickness sanding. Woodworking machinery furniture door plate double side fixed Sanding machine performance characteristics:
(1). the use of air bag sanding pad high sanding accuracy good effect front microcomputer control panel easy to operate flexible and fast.
(2).in the case of failure equipment power failure brake The conveying bed produces the protection drop may protect the workpiece from being destroyed.
(3).the advanced dynamic balance detects the fixed thickness roll the steel roll the belt pulley causes the machine to run more smoothly.
(4).the sand frame adopts the steel construction body structure the deformation is small Good vibration absorption effect.
(5)high power transmission speed regulation strong transport high production efficiency.
(6).air pressure is insufficient or sand belt fracture since Dynamic shutdown to ensure safety.
(7).energy saving high production efficiency flat and smooth processing plate.
(8).light electricity gas integrated design reliable operation.

Model HT-SG630 HT-SG1000
Voltage 380V 380V
Working form automation automation
Power 11kw 15kw
Machine weight 2000kg 25000kg
Sanding plate width 630mm 1000mm
Sanding plate thickness 2.5-100mm 2.5-100mm
Sanding plate lenght >370mm >370mm
Front belt velocity 20m/s 20m/s
Rear belt velocity 16m/s 16m/s
Conveyor belt speed 6-24m/min 6-24m/min
Conveyor belt size 630*2920mm 1000*2980mm
working air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.5Mpa
Belt size 650*1920mm 1020*2020mm
Machine size 1800*1150*1900mm 2050*1580*2200mm



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