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Wire Drawing Machine main function brief introduction:
(1).for solid wood carbonated wood decorative panels and other surface throwing natural grain and surface drawing after the treatment of wood after the surface of the three-dimensional sense of enhanced texture clear and pleasing to the eye;
(2).for wood-plastic panels particleboard and other man-made board surface texture drawing processing;
(3).for wood painted surface surface rough enhance the adhesion to repair the burr and so on;
(4).sheet concave and convex surface polishing.
Product Pictures:

Model HT-MCLS400
Maximum processing width 400mm
Maximum processing thickness 5~120cm
Maximum processing length 400-4000mm
Voltage 380V
Power 15KW
Main motor 11KW*2
Operating rate 5-20m/min (Could Adjust)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1800*830*1250mm
Weight 700kg



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