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Fully Automated Egg Processing Machinery Lines

author: HENTO          time: Aug 14, 2017

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Eggs are familiar in our daily food, let's talk about egg processing now.
First of all, do you know what the characteristics of the egg market needs?
The standard answer is:less in summer, more in winter. And the yield of eggs is just the opposite, why? Because the hens have their laws of adapting to the natural climate, they do not change with people's wishes. As a result, the price of eggs is higher in winter than summer.
A large Japanese egg processing enterprises find the hidden business opportunities.
Eggs can't be storage for a long time in the summer,and consumers usually purchase fresh eggs.
Speaking of the shelf life of eggs,usually be limited to 45 days in the United States, and eggs must be stored at 7 degrees Celsius in the disinfection, transportation, sale process.
The processed eggs can be saved safely,it can be stored for 24 months,greatly extending the period of merchandise sales. More importantly,for processing enterprises,which can reduce the cost of production.
Of course, it must be pointed out that the egg processing needs a set of high-quality, large-scale, fully automated egg processing machinery lines to ensure safe and efficient processing needs.

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