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Why The Mini Spray Dryer In The Top 10 In Recent Years?

author: HENTO          time: May 02, 2018

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Introduction of mini spray dryer:
The mini spray dryer machine adopts full close structure with primary middle and high effect air filter to fit one hundred thousand grade requirement,the tower body is provide cooling air jacket to make wall temperature less than 80 degree,when the material stops on wall will not to be preheated and softened,it increases the powder collection rate (95%) and will not appear mixing and sticking wall phenomenon.

Basic principle:High Speed centrifugal atomizing for the extract of traditional Chinese Medicine is an application of centrifugal atomizing technique.The mini spray dryer machine also uses high-speed atomizer to make liquid material into foggy droplet to contact with hot air fully to finish instant drying and get final powder products.
1.Spray dry at low temperature (110℃) using for thermosensitive material.
2.7" high-resolution LCD, human-oriented interface,Chinese and English menu,Optimize operation procedure,efficiency,flexibility, easy-going and easy learning.
3.Patrticle size with normal distribution.
4.Two fluid atomizing structure,made of SUS 304(316 optional)Stainless steel.Easy operating.
5.To assure accurate temperature control and easy parameter adjusting, YC-1800 applies PID.
6.The self-priming peristaltic pump delivers the sample liquid from a container through a small diameter jet into the main chamber to avoid secondary pollution.

1.The mini spray dryer machine has all stainless steel material,arc corner design and polyester powder coated shell,prevents corrosion of acidity and alkaline air effectively.

2.Imported Schneider electrical components which is more stability.

3.This kind of industrial spray dryer machine has PLC control system,make your research more easier and efficient.

4.Build in oil-free air compressor,without any noise.

5.Self-priming peristaltic pump,avoid secondary pollution,make sure whole process conducted steady and smoothly.

6.Narrow size distribution,more than 95% of the dry powders are in the same range of particles.

7.Automatic jet cleaner (stylet) prevents the jet from becoming blocked and variably controlled.

8.Innovative tower wall purging device,improves the material recycling rate.

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