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Why Egg Printers are Becoming More and More Popular?

author: HENTO          time: May 02, 2018

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Many countries around the world already require standardized egg coding.  Increasingly,producers are being required to print information directly onto eggs or egg cartons,such as a manufacturer code,the laying date or other production-related information.But egg printing machine can create significant added value for both the consumer and the producer even when the process is not mandated by law.

What are the advantages from egg printing?
Increased transparency and food safety foster trust among consumers;
Complete product and process traceability for egg producers and consumers;
Purchase-related information is passed on to the end consumer (e.g. farming conditions);
Concrete differentiation between competitors (especially in countries without mandatory marking and coding of eggs and egg cartons);
Retaining customers:Eggs with manufacturer logos create recognition value and contribute to brand identity,especially in developing countries where eggs are sold individually and not packaged together;
Increased production efficiency.

Applications of egg printer machine:
1)Ink jet Egg printing machine can print on the egg,metal,plastic,wood, aluminum foil,carton,stone material surface etc.
Dynamic inversion and reverse jet printing.Photoelectric switch or synchronizer trigger spray print.continuous spray printing function.Any delay spray function.
2)Egg printing machine with high speed full plate spray printing way, regardless of what kind of arrangement can automatically identify the eggsand directly indicate the manufacture date on the egg and anti-counterfeiting marks,green food,health,safety and environmental.
3)With computer control special shuttle transmission device,fast,efficient and accurate!Can be used Enhance the product image,let each egg has its own"identity card".
4)Consumers purchase can be found directly famous egg.
5)General model of lattice and the real words.

1.Jet printing speed up to120,000 per hour.
2.Print length is unlimited.
3.The print variable is complete, including date, time, batch number,class, water number,etc.
4.The storage of information is large,the usb is unlimited,and the machine itself is stored in 30 pieces.
5.The egg printing machine content is wide,Chinese and English font type,number, bar code,graphic LOGO,etc.
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