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Why Automatic Wall Plastering Machine is More and More Popular?

author: HENTO          time: May 15, 2018

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Features of automatic wall plastering machine:
1.A automatic wall plastering machine can equivalent to the work of 10 craftsmen,saving construction costs.
2.It has special chute and special wire rope so that can smooth operation,no wire loss,continuous silk and no card wire.
3.Its verticality,flatness all less than artificial deviation:reduce the labor intensity of craftsmen and improve work efficiency.
4.Automatic plaster machine with double motor split operation: smooth and smooth lifting,running,independent completion of the wall’s work,and makes the wall smooth and clean.
5.There is no landing ash:save water,save materials,save gray material 20% than artificial and reduce construction costs about 1%.
6.Lightweight and flexible:widely used in houses,outside decoration.
7.The adhesion strength is greater than the artificial strength:In the production process,it has pulping function,and 2 people can produce 400 square meters of interior walls one day.
8.Automatic wall plastering machine has labor-saving,economical, small size,easy to move,simple operation,high efficiency,material saving,time saving,power saving,water saving,cost. reduction,strong adhesion,no floor ash,service life Long and so on.

Application area of automatic plaster machine:
This automatic wall plastering machine is a special equipment for the plastering of residential buildings and office buildings.Employable walls include cement walls,brick walls,hollow walls, unburned brick walls,red brick walls,and foam brick walls.Applicable ash are:white sand ash,cement ash,cement powder,dry mortar,dry mortar,stone powder,gypsum,white sand ash,foam mortar and so on.

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