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How To Choose One Suitable Ice Cream Roll Machine

author: HENTO          time: Jun 01, 2018

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As you know,there are so many models of Ice Cream Roll Machine.How to choose a suitable one?
It seems difficult,especially for a new buyer.Now let me tell you how to choose your own satisfying Ice Cream Roll Machine.
Firstly,please have a general understanding of the Ice Cream Roll Machine.There are mainly two kinds of machines.One kind of the machine has only one pan,while the other kind has 2 pans.
The Single pans models are mainly the following:

The double pans models are mainly the following:

No matter single pan machines or double pans machines,they can be equiped with cooling barrels.The barrels are mainly used to contain the raw materials.
Secondly,please evaluate the customer volume if you use this Ice Cream Roll Machine to start your business.If there are a lot are customers and they may come to your shop intensively,you’d better to choose the two pan models.With two pan models,you can make two pieces of fried ice cream or ice cream rolls at the same time.Otherwise,please choose the Single pan models.
Thirdly,please consider,do you need to keep your material fresh by using a cooling device?How many kinds of raw materials you will use to make fried ice cream?And whether you have already had any other cooling device,such as a refrigerator?If you have a refrigerator and you can use it conveniently,then you can choose the fried ice cream machine without barrels.If you want to put the various materials into the cooling barrels,please choose the models which have cooling barrels.
Now,you may already know which model of the machine are more suitable for you.The above three questions are the mainly factors for you to choose your own suitable model.Besides these three main factors,there may be other important factors for you to choose the proper model,such as the space of your shop,your preference ect.
In order to let you know more details of our main models of Ice Cream Roll Machine,we show the pictures of different models as following:

If you are interested in our machines, please leave a message and we will answer your questions immediately. Thanks for your support.
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