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the Lantern Festival is coming

author: HENTO          time: Feb 26, 2018

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In China,a common practice is that companies should start work on red envelopes when they go to work after the Spring Festival,which is in order to show a good 
start,but also used to express the people's expectations for the booming wealth of the new year.Yesterday Ma Huateng personally sent employees red envelopes at Tencent 
Tower.The Hento Machinery company,that is,I work for the company,has officially began to work as early as the 21st.Here,to all the users and clients,I wish you a Happy 
New Year,all the best!

After the Spring Festival,Chinese people is about to usher in another major festival-the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival in China has a long history which 
originated in Qin Dynasty(221-207 BC) and is one of the most distinctive traditional festivals in China.The Lantern Festival of 2018 falls on March 2 and with a 
history of over 2,000 years,various traditional customs and activities are held during Lantern Festival that appeal to people of different ages,including watching 
lanterns and fireworks,guessing lantern riddles,performing folk dances,and eating Yuanxiao(glutinous rice dumplings) to celebrate the day.However,there is no holiday 
for this traditional festival.

The Lantern Festival is also known as one of the Chinese Valentine's Day in the past,another one is Tanabata Festival.In the old times,young girls were usually not 
allowed to go out.The festival was a good chance for girls going out in the evening to find love when watching lanterns.And it was also a good day for lovers to 
meet.But now it has no such meanings in most part of China.It is the first significant festival after the Spring Festival for the Chinese people pushing the Chinese 
New Year celebration to an exciting climax and marking its end.
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