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  • Notification for Spring Festival Holiday in 2021

    Feb 08, 2021

    Spring Festival is the biggesttraditional festival in China.It is also named Chinese New Year.Usually, people have a vacation for oneweek.Some people may have a longer holiday,for about onemonth. This year,the legal festivalholiday will sta......

  • Notification for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday in 2020

    Sep 30, 2020

    Chinese people will celebrate their 71st National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival on 1st October,2020.We will havea holiday of 8days,from 1stOctoberto 8th October,2020. During the holiday, almost all of our departments are not working.However,we......

  • Hento’s Super September Promotion Is Coming

    Aug 26, 2020

    September is a wonderful season and September is a harvest season.In the golden September, our company,Zhengzhou Hento Group Company,decidedto hold Super September Promotion. This promotion will begin on 1st,September,2020,and end on 25th Se......

  • Notification for Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in 2020

    Jun 22, 2020


  • Christmas Promotion Is Coming from Hento Group

    Dec 12, 2019

    To celebrate Christmas and New Year,Hento Group is willing to hold a Christmas Promotion Activity.It is reported that almost all of the machines will be included this time, the discount is unprecedented,as high as 15%! And the discount will......

  • Holiday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of New China

    Sep 28, 2019

    It is the 70th anniversary of Founding of The Peoples Republic of China this year.To celebrate the birthday of our motherland,our company, Zhengzhou Hento Machinery Company, will havea holiday of 9days,from 29th September to 7th October,2019......