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  • How To Distinguish Ice Cream Machine

    Sep 04, 2017

    Ice cream is roughly divided into two types:one is soft ice cream, the other is hard ice cream. Soft ice cream such as KFC or MCDs sweet cone,do this ice cream need a Soft Ice Cream Machine.At the same time the machine can produce two kinds......

  • How To Extend The Service Life Of Bubble Washing Machine

    Aug 21, 2017

    The air bubble cleaning machine uses using bubble bath cleaning,the principle is mainly used in the case before the equipment enclosure note right amount water,through heating tube to heat the water, the raw material after a box body,the com......

  • Braised Chicken Enters Into The United States

    Aug 19, 2017

    According to the reported on August 17,the stew chicken rice restaurant will open the first US branch in September 10 in Tathuring City, California. The restaurant provides only one dish - yellow stew chicken rice,it has opened more than 6,0......