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Tofu Maker

The machine uses the world's health requirements of high-quality stainless steel excellent quality small footprint simple installation advanced technology a device only one person to operate save save labor and labor.

Tofu can produce products: monochrome tofu colorful tofu multi-color tofu skin dried tofu soy milk Douhua and other soy products.

Model HT-YC60 HT-YC60A HT-YC100 HT-YC100A HT-YC200A HT-YC300A
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V 220/380V 220/380V
Power 1.1/12kw 1.1/12kw 1.1/12kw 1.1/12kw 2.2/12kw 4/12kw
Capacity 30kg/h 30kg/h 50kg/h 50kg/h 80kg/h 130kg/h
Dimension(mm) 600*1300*1200 600*1300*1200 800*600*1350 800*600*1350 600*1100*1300 600*1750*1300
Weight 100kg 100kg 150kg 150kg 180kg 220kg



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