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1.Independent panel (computer) can achieve water shortage alarm and automatic adding water.
2.As soon as Chamber temperature display high temperature, alarm box will automatically strengthen air circulation of heat temperature body .
3.Tank:when temperature display high temperature alarm, automatic water tank will automatically heat and hold constant temperature  control and water spray ,auto-adjust spray water interval and display drench water delay manua.

Model HT-YMJ50 HT-YMJ100 HT-YMJ200 HT-YMJ500M
Yukon tooth box 16pcs 32pcs 64pcs 160pcs
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 1.5kw 3.5kw 3.5kw 4kw
Total volume 125kg 250kg 500kg 1600kg
Capacity 25kg/day 50kg/day 100kg/day 250kg/day
Daily water consumption 0.3m³ 1m³ 2m³ 4m³
Daily power consumption 0.7 10 10 10
Dimension 1.5*0.8*1.5m 2.5*0.8*1.9m 2.2*1.4*1.8m 4.5*1.4*2.1m
Weight 150kg 350kg 380kg 720kg



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