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This equipment is widely used in liquid milk,juice, egg liquid, Chinese traditional medicine, biological pharmacy, bean products, condiments, such as the material of the original formula to determine screening and update, product taste, color evaluation/emulsifier and stabilizer used, new product research and development and batch pasteurized milk product production. The production-oriented pasteurization machine set heating, sterilization, cooling. Is the ideal of school and community small pasteurized milk enterprise complete sets of equipment.
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1.Milk pasteurizer machine main body is using quality SUS304 make.
2.Sterilization time is 10-30 minutes commonly adjustable, sterilization temperature of 60-99 degrees Celsius can be adjusted and with automatic temperature control device.
3.Sterilization tank with a heat preservation facilities and equipped with temperature fill taste device, effectively ensuring the water temperature balance.
4.Both can have antiseptic effect, and can guarantee that such as protein nutrients is not large temperature difference range and change, keep the original quality and taste of mil, color, etc.
5.This Milk Pasteurizer host composition: water cycle cans and milk cans.
6.Our company production of milk sterilization machines have antiseeptic effect is good, the noise is small, speed can be adjusted, durable, safe and reliable, and the temperature can automatically control, easy maintenance, etc.   

Model HT-SJ100A HT-SJ150A HT-SJ150B
Refrigeration method Water cooling Water cooling Ice refrigeration
Barrel body diameter 625mm 625mm 625mm
Yield 100L/time 150L/time 150L/time
Material SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Thickness 2mm 2mm 2mm
Sterilization time 10-30min(adjustable) 10-30min(adjustable) 10-30min(adjustable)
Sterilization temperature 60-99°C(adjustable) 60-99°C(adjustable) 60-99°C(adjustable)
Heat source Electrical heating Electrical heating Electrical heating
Heating cycle 25-35min 25-35min 25-35min
Voltage, Power 380v   13kw 380v   13kw 380v   13kw
Machine size 1700*1000*1710 mm 1900*800*1980mm 1900*800*1980mm
Weight 140kg 170kg 320kg



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