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High pressure homogenizer applies to the liquid materials (liquid - liquid phase or liquid - solid phase) of homogeneous emulsion, the viscosity is lower than 0.2 Pa. S, temperature below 80 ℃. Working principle of high pressure homogenizer mainly through three plunger reciprocating motion will make the processed materials send to the homogeneous valve in the form of high pressure, make the material flow through tiny gap moment of valve plate and valve seat get the complex force by turbulence, cavitation and the role of the shear and others, and make the original rough processed into emulsion or suspension of extremely small, uniform and stable liquid - liquid mixed emulsifying agent or liquid -solid dispersion; The average fineness of emulsifying is below 1 um, solid dispersion particle size average below 2 um. After high pressure homogenizer, homogeneous material has many advantages: high stability, can improve the quality of preservation, and speed up the reaction time, save the additive; Application in the field of food, health care products, cosmetics and so on, can improve the quality of the absorption of human body, etc.

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Application: and beverage industry: milk, yogurt, soy milk, peanut milk, milk powder, ice cream, natural drinks, juice drinks, food additives, all kinds of spices, etc.
2.light industry, chemical industry: all kinds of emulsifier, flavor spices, cosmetics, paint, dye, emulsion, thickening agents, detergent, emulsified oil, etc.
3.the pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, Chinese traditional medicine preparation, liquid slurry preparation, nutrition, health care, etc.
4.bioengineering technology: cell disruption, enzyme engineering, the extraction of effective ingredients, etc. 
1.The whole machine is covered by a stainless steel shell, appearance is bright and clean, safe and health.
2.Adopt bevel gear drive at low speed, low noise, smooth operation, reliable in performance.
3.Transmission part adopts splash and unique way of giving oil, to ensure that each part of the needs of lubrication.
4.The seat of the double-sided design, prolong service life.
5.Homogeneous valve, check valve, plunger using alloy steel, wear resistance, impact resistance, long service life, etc.

Model Flow rate Maximum pressure Rated pressure Motor power Size
HT-JR0.5/25 500(L/H) 25(M pa) 20(M pa) 4(kw) 1010*616*975mm
HT-JR1/25 1000(L/H) 25(M pa) 20(M pa) 7.5(kw) 1100*676*1065mm
HT-JR2/25 2000(L/H) 25(M pa) 20(M pa) 15(kw) 1410*850*1190mm
HT-JR3/25 3000(L/H) 25(M pa) 20(M pa) 22(kw) 1470*960*1280mm



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