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UHT super temperature instant sterilizer suitable for fresh milk, juice, beverage, frozen sucker, and ice cream paste, soy sauce, soybean milk, condensed milk, wine and other liquid materials of instantaneous sterilization, sterilization of liquid materials can also be used for. The device of feeding and discharging adopt t cock, flow can be according to need to adjust, use and reliable.
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1. Continuous production, sterilization time is very short.
2. Due to the shorter time for heating can obtain high quality products.
3. With ultra high temperature sterilization, the sterilization efficiency is very high.
4. With centrifugal pump series or high pressure homogenizer is used, the application range is very wide, suitable for high viscosity material sterilization.
5. With cold and hot material is used on due to the design of heat exchange equipment of waste heat utilization economic effect, so the electric consumption is small.
6.Have electric power and steam power, two kinds.If you have boiler or steam generator, the steam power is more suitable. If not, the electric power is more cost-effective.

Model HT-6L10
Processing Power 0.5 T/H
Temperature 115-135°C
Steam Pressure <0.4Mpa
Heating Time 4-6S
Discharge Temperature <65°C
Electric Power 2.2KW
Dimension 1600*990*1400mm
Weight 350KG
Voltage 380V/50Hz



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