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1.Apply stainless steel structure, look good and durable. 
2.The compressor has a good quality.
3.Efficient water cooling or air cooling system for choice.
4.Different ice mould for choice.
5.Suitable for fast food shops,food processing factories,ice producing factories and other places requiring a large amount of ice.

Machine Photos:

Model Mold Dimension NET Voltage Power Refrigerant Output
HT-PM40 1 620*370*1200mm 70Kg 220V/Hz 1.6KW R22 3000pcs/day
HT-PM80 2 760*480*1230mm 100Kg 220V/Hz 2.2KW R22 6000pcs/day
HT-PM160 4 990*620*1330mm 120Kg 220/380V/Hz 3KW R22 12000pcs/day
HT-PM240 6 1370*620*1230mm 150Kg 220/380V/Hz 3.5KW R22 18000pcs/day
HT-PM320 8 1750*620*1230mm 170Kg 380V/Hz 5.0KW R22 24000pcs/day
HT-PM400 10 2110*620*1230mm 210Kg 380V/Hz 6.5KW R22 30000pcs/day
HT-PM480 12 2500*620*1230mm 250Kg 380V/Hz 7.8KW R22 36000pcs/day
HT-PM560 14 3340*620*1230mm 350Kg 380V/Hz 8.5KW R22 36000pcs/day



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