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The working principle of the noodle machine is to press the flour through the relative rotation of the surface roller to form a dough piece, and then cut the dough piece through the front head cutting knife to form a noodle. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting knife. All models can be equipped with different sizes of cutting knives. Therefore, one machine can be made into noodles of various specifications by replacing the different sizes of the knives.

Machine Photo:

Lubrication system:
All kinds of models are formed by the power transmission through the triangle belt to the deceleration mechanism. The roll and shaft (except the cutter, conveying shaft, shaft section part) are rolling bearings, bearing assembly has been injected with grease, use half a year later, maintenance filling replacement, reducer assembly has add the lubricating oil, an oil change for 1 months (30# oil), open gear, chain, each class to add a lubricating oil, lubricating oil and please note that the knife and conveying shaft.

Model HT-MTJ260
Rollers 5
Main roll dimensions 140*250
Co-roll   140*250
A rolling 120*250
3 Calender roll 102*250
Rolling thickness ≥0.6---2
Work efficiency 160-200kg/h
Motor Power 3kw
Weight 510kg



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