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1.The unique heating method and fast peeling time effectively solve the shortage of machinery and equipment.
2.The carefully designed method of picking up the skin can make the workers work conveniently, with less residual stains and easy cleaning.
The soybean oil skin machine consists of a self-contained steam heating bag and an open heating barrel.
3.High-quality boutique products, unique design, convenient quality, high quality, durable, energy-saving, flexible operation, excellent performance, clear structure, simple operation, easy cleaning, small size and space saving.

Machine Photos:

Model HT-DYP04 HT-DYP06
Capacity 40pcs/h 60pcs/h
Power 12KW 16KW
Weight 110KG 150KG
Main Material stainless steel stainless steel
Machine dimension 1300*900*800mm 1900*900*800mm
Package dimension 1350*950*960mm 1950*950*960mm



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