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Introduction of Meat Chopping Machine:
This chopping machine use the cutting function of the high rotary blade, chop meat and accessories into meat stuffing or muddy flesh in a short time, can also mix the meat, accessory and water together, can also be used for crushing process of fruits, vegetables and nuts.
1.The whole machine use material of 304 stainless steel.
2.Reasonable structure and beautiful shape.
3.Easy to clean and quality guarantee.
4.Durable knife shaft bearing.
Blade is made through special process, high hardness, good elasticity, durable, sharp blade won't crack.
The cover is equipped with protection devices.
5.Choose suitable speed match the cutting tool according to different requirements.

Model HT-ZB20 HT-ZB40 HT-ZB80 HT-ZB125
Capacity 10-15kg/once 20-30kg/once 50-60kg/once 80-90kg/once
Pot Volume 20L 40L 80L 125L
Power 1.85kw 5.1kw 13kw 22.5kw
Chopping Knife Amount 3 3 6 6
Chopping Knife Speed 1500-3000r/min 1500-3000-4000r/min 1750-3000-4500r/min 1750-3000-5000r/min
Chopping Pot Speed 16r/min 16r/min 13-19r/min 11-16r/min
Dimension 830*635*960mm 1100*920*1040mm 1580*1100*1250mm 2135*1460*1420mm



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