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1.Smoke for sausage, ham, sausage, chicken, fish, duck and poultry, aquatic products and other smoked products. Cooking, drying, coloring by one time.
2.Smoked good color, taste better, quality assurance, excellent technology.

3.After smoking, the color of the food is good looking, there is a smoked scent, not greasy feel, can achieve environmental effects, completely replace the traditional smoked furnace, save labor and improve work efficiency, but also enhances the taste of food  and elastic. Automatic programmable control, simple and easy to operate, has the function of Cooking and baking smoke colour.
4.Made of 304 stainless steel.This model is Computer touch screen type. With setting the time and the temperature, it will alarm automatic when finish the processing.

Machine Photo:

Model HT-YX30 HT-YX50 HT-YX100
Type Smoke generator built-in Smoke generator built-in Smoke generator built-in
Capacity 30-50(kg/oven) 50-70(kg/oven) 100-150(kg/oven)
Smoking Type Hot smoked
Electric heating power 15.75 (kw) 15.5 (kw) 18 (kw)
Hanging car size 800*655*900(mm) 900*820*1060(mm) 950*860*1160(mm)
Layer 3 4 5
Working space 850*740*920(mm) 950*830*1070(mm) 1060*1000*1270(mm)
Cabinet size 1300*1050*1650(mm) 1440*1100*1840(mm) 1630*1200*2100(mm)
Machine dimensions 1300*1050*1650(mm) 1440*1100*1840(mm) 2190*1200*2100(mm)

Model HT-YX150 HT-YX250 HT-YX500
Type Smoke generator
Smoke generator
Smoke generator
Capacity 150-200(kg/oven) 250-300(kg/oven) 500-600(kg/oven)
Smoking Type Hot smoked
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Electric heating power 19(kw) 25(kw) 47(kw)
Hanging car size 970*970*1400 (mm) 1090*1050*1670 (mm) 1030*970*1960 (mm)
Layer 6 7 7
Working space 990*990*1590 (mm) 1120*1070*1990 (mm) 2100*1060*1990 (mm)
Cabinet size 1630*1220*2100 (mm) 1820*1150*2900 (mm) 1820*1150*2900 (mm)
Machine dimensions 2170*1220*2400 (mm) 2380*1150*2900 (mm) 2380*2360*2900 (mm)



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