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It is mainly matched slaughtering equipment for middle and large slaughter plants,mainly used to dehairing after the pig body is slaughtered and scalded.
The machine has a large space, can enter the different size of the pig body, hair pig into the dehairing machine and sliding out after dehaired.This  machine were controlled by the rod and pedal, and dehairing time by the artificial control, therefore, this machine can be applied to different regions and different types of pigs.It is suitable for small slaughter of small slaughter and processing plant.

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Model HT-AL100
Capacity 70pieces/h
Max. workload 120kg/time
Voltage 380V
Power 5.5kw+3kw
Dehairing time 15s/time
Max. length dehairing space 1800mm
Machine weight 1400kg
Machine size 2550*2100*2175mm



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