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The machine has compact structure, optimized sanitary design, the shell and the cutting grille are all made of stainless steel, the cutting tool adopts double blade cutting, the working efficiency is high, the cutting size of meat is minimum 5 mm, the maximum is 30 mm. Is the necessary equipment in food processing.

Main Features:
Adjust the thickness cutting knob, can speed the push rod stepless to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness.
A pre-pressure design is used to ensure that the meat block is uniform during the cutting process.
When cutting with single blade, the push rod of meat material moves step by step to ensure that the size of cutting is correct.

Machine Photos:

(Note: The machine rotating process it is strictly prohibited to use hand in sausage in the cylinder, in order to avoid has the wound hand accident, Need to ground meat must go to clean skin, bone, muscle, and the meat bar, should be cut, cut into small. Empty machine start, screw to must and arrow signs mean direction; The normal operation, etc, to put the meat into the ground pork barrel for sausage, otherwise easy to cause the meat stuck parts, the machine can't start and normal operation, serious, crowded broken ground pork barrel, the meat wheel, and even burn out motor. Such as the discovery of motor doesn't operate properly, immediately shut off the power and stop check reason, to see if skin, bone, muscle got stuck. If the meat is paste, can be caused by the following reasons: out of the flesh wheel too loose cause reamer and the meat orifice bad contact, should readjust; the meat orifice plate plugging, give sentences; reamer is too dull, should be grinding or replacement.)
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Model HT-BJ200
Voltage 380v 50hz
Power 5.1KW
Capacity 200-500kg/h
Machine weight 270kg
Dimension 1505*560*1030mm



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