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Automatic Falafel Machine use a continuous-output system, with high efficiency, and with a different caliber of knives and molding, which can be replaced freely, it is the necessary equipment for producing the meat ball.
The meat ball produced by this machine, with a low density, good roundness, smooth appearance and so on. Meatball machine for production of beef balls, pork balls, fish balls, chicken balls, pork balls and so on. Meatball Machine used to produce meat (fish) balls of good quality and appearance of smooth, round is good, the same size. This meatball Machine can produce with different specifications of the balls.

Model HT-LR300
Capacity 200-300 pieces/min
Meat ball diameter 11-30mm
Voltage 220v
Power 1.1kw
Dimension 400*700*1230mm



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