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Industrial dryers, also known as industrial centrifugal dryers, are a kind of equipment that is suitable for: dehydration, deoiling and drying of linen, vegetables, food, hardware, fruits, electroplating parts, etc.

1. It’s structure not only has a simple structure but also stable production performance, and can maintain high stability performance in high-strength use, reducing the inconvenience caused by noise, vibration, and so on. It is also possible to avoid the occurrence of foot vibration during operation due to unbalanced load within the switch.
2. The base is cast in one time with pig iron. The inner and outer cylinders are made of high-quality stainless steel . Once the machine is durable, it also greatly improves the rust and corrosion resistance of the machine. And to ensure the wide application of the machine.
3. The transmission part is driven by triangular tape. The high-efficiency energy-saving motor drives the centrifugal starting wheel, which can make the machine start slowly and gradually reach the design speed to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.
4. The industrial dehydrator is equipped with a hand brake device. By controlling it properly, we can rotate from stop to complete static rotation in a few tens of seconds, greatly improving our work efficiency.
5. There is also a non-standard frequency conversion industrial dryer, which allows the user to accurately control the speed to achieve soft start, control the dry effect and ensure the durability of the motor, brake pads, bearings and other components.

Machine Photos:

Model Specification(kg) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
HT-SSJ500 Φ500 250 Φ800×450
HT-SSJ600 Φ600 350 Φ1000×600
HT-SSJ800 Φ800 750 Φ1200×760
HT-SSJ1000 Φ1000 1300 Φ1720×840
HT-SSJ1200 Φ1200 1700 Φ2100×1050
HT-SSJ1500 Φ1500 2000 Φ2550×1400



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