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Covid-19 test kit is also name covid test kit,coronavirus test kit,corona virus test kit,covid-19 rapid test.

This Covid-19 test kit has passed the testing by Chinese Authority.The accurency rate is about 90%.And it has CE certifate and FDA certifate.

1)Q: What is the  accurancy rate?
   A: >90%
2)Q: How long can we get the rusult?
   A: 15 minutes
3)Q: What is the difference between IgM and IgG/IgM?
   A: In short, IgM is able to test whether the person is infected by covid-19 virus at present. IgG / IgM can test whether the person is infected by covid-19 virus both at present and in the past. For common people, IgM is enough. Some organizations may worry that some people have been asymptomatic and recovered by themselves.They may require some people to do the test,to check whether this person was infected by covid-19 virus. At this time, IgG / IgM type will be used. If you want to know more about IgM, IgG / IgM, you can search these words in the internet, there are detailed introduction.
4)Q: How many times testing should I do?
A: As you see,the accurancy rate is about 90%.If some one do a testing,if the rusult is positive,we are almost 100% sure he is infected.If the test result of the first time is negative,we are not 100% sure he/she is not infected.He/she can do the second testing several days later.  
5)Q: What are contained in one box of testing kit?
   A: There are 25 pieces test cards,25 pieces alcohol pad,25 pieces lancet and 1 bottle of buffer in one box.One box can be used for 25 people.
6)Q: How many pieces should be used for proper results?
   A:This Covid-19 test kit has passed the testing by Chinese Authority.The accurency is about 90%.Usually people use one piece to get the result.For suspicious people,you can let him /her to test again.
7)Q: What is the package?
   A: The side of one box is about 15*14*6cm,weight is 198g.Usually one big package has 100 boxes.The size of the package is 71*62*36cm.

  PS: There are only 25 testing kards and 1 bottle of buffer in the original box.In order to let our customers to do the test easily,we send 25 pieces alcohol pad and 25 pieces lancet per box to our customers for free.When we send the goods to you,we opened several boxes,and put the alcohol pads and lancets into them.When you receive these goods,please pay attention to these several boxes.
8)Q: How to do the test?
   A: Please watch the following video:

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