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I Believe Your Need a High Pressure Small Milk Homogenizer

author: HENTO          time: May 04, 2018

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High pressure small milk homogenizer is a device used to homogenize and emulsify liquid materials(liquid-liquid phase or liquid-solid phase) with a viscosity lower than 0.2 Pa.s and a temperature lower than 80°C.It is mainly used in food or chemical industry.Industry,such as: homogenizing and emulsifying processes in the production of dairy products, beverages,cosmetics,pharmaceuticals and other products.

For example,the use of a homogenizer in the processing of dairy products breaks down the fat in the milk,making the entire product system more stable.Milk will look more white.Homogenization is mainly performed by a homogenizer.It is an important processing equipment for food,dairy and beverage industries.
Machine Application:                                               

High pressure small milk homogenizer is widely used in the production, scientific research and technical development of alot of areas,such as: food,dairy food,drink,pharmacy,chemical industry,biological technology and so on.
Be used as high pressure homogenizer.It can cause the material thinning and mixture under the three action of extruding,strong impacting and decompression inflating.It is an important equipmentof food,dairy food, drink processing and so on.It can cause the fat globule thinning while homogenization under high pressure to the milk,soy milk this kind of dairy food.
Be used as high pressure delivery pump.It is an important equipment during the production of powdered medicine,as the fluid material producehigh pressure when through the equipment,and be made to powder after through the spray drying device.This equipment also can be used in the homogenizer,high-pressure transportation and the high-pressure spray situation of other fluid materials.

1,The whole high pressure small milk homogenizer is covered by a stainless steel shell,appearance is bright and clean,safe and health.
2,Adopt bevel gear drive at low speed,low noise,smooth operation, reliable in performance.
3,Transmission part adopts splash and unique way of giving oil,to ensure that each part of the needs of lubrication.
4,The seat of the double-sided design,prolong service life.
5,Homogeneous valve,check valve, plunger using alloy steel,wear resistance,impact resistance,long service life,etc. 
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