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Multi-function Macaroni Pasta Making Machine can produce different shape of Snack food, and only one person can operate easily.
Food raw material: Flour, rice flour, rice flour,cassava flour,starch, grains, etc.
Snacks: Producing Shell type crisp, straight macaroni-style pasta, tremella type crisp, penne,five-pointed star crisp, butterfly shape pasta,cat ear type crisp, lantern type crisp, peanut type snack,large and small hollow pipe type snack and so on.
Pasta: Producing Hollow noodles , spiral macaroni, shells noodles, tremella noodles, cat ear noodles,vegetables noodles and so on.

Machine Photo:

Model HT-MTJ60
Capacity 30kg/h
Voltage 220V
Power 3kw/1phase
Outer material Stainless Steel
Dimension 500*470*780mm
Weight 90kg



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